At The 2020 Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference

Amazon Aid Foundation is honored to present at The Gold Campaign: Forging a Future for Cleaner Gold at The Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference (CRJC), held as a virtual event from November 9 – 13. AAF’s session will take place on Friday, November 13th at 2PT/4 CT, and features experts in media, bioscience, ethical and responsible craft, education, activism, and government policy, and criminal justice.

The Gold Campaign: Forging A Future For Cleaner Gold will address the complex issues and damaging effects related to ASGM in the Amazon region, and the pathways being developed for substantive, positive change.

“Amazon Aid Foundation recognizes the power of uniting multidisciplinary stakeholders — including artists & designers, scientists and educators – to see the complete picture and understand the complexities of moving toward clearer gold,” explains Sarah DuPont, Founder, Amazon Aid Foundation. The situation in the Amazon is urgent, and we have a responsibility to align and act.

“We are excited to bring the soft launch of Amazon Aid Foundation’s Gold Campaign to CRJC, and the attending community,” said Christina Miller, Consulting Director, Amazon Aid’s The Gold Campaign. “This year’s conference theme is centered on connecting people to share best practices for a more ethical, sustainable future – which mirrors the mission and goal of our campaign, in which the jewelry industry and artists are a vital part.”

The CRJC was founded by jewelry designer Susan Wheeler to bring people together from across the world to discuss how to make jewelry supply chains more transparent and make jewelry business more beneficial to all members of the industry vertical. Its mission is to engage everyone in the jewelry industry; miners, makers, professionals, educators, and students – to address all the ways that individuals and companies can be involved in the responsible jewelry movement.

“The Amazon Aid Gold Campaign brings a passion for change and a commitment to forging the path for better gold sourcing that is integral to the mission of The Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference,” affirms Wheeler.

Now entering its third year, the CRJC has already contributed to the development of new educational, industrial, and community initiatives. It has become the place where responsible supply chain think-ers and do-ers around the world gather to talk, plan, share, and learn.