The global virtual event will be held on Feb. 23.

Amazon Aid Foundation’s first Cleaner Gold Network Summit of 2022 will honor the immutable legacy of the late Dr. Thomas Lovejoy (b. 1941 – d. 2021), defender of the Amazon, esteemed ecologist, devoted teacher, and a friend and advisor to Amazon Aid. The summit, to be held on February 23 from 8 AM PT-11AM ET- 5 PM CET, will include a live violin performance by renowned musician, Bartu Elci-Ozsoy; an interview with scientist and friend of Dr. Lovejoy, Adrian Forsyth; and an array of ways to contribute ideas and direction to protect the Amazon. The summit is free with advance registration.

“I had the great fortune to know and work with Dr Thomas Lovejoy, who chose to use his immense talents and brilliance to make the world a better place,” says Amazon Aid Founder and President, Sarah duPont. “Over 50 years ago Tom stepped into the Amazon rainforest to create a legacy of knowledge to educate and inspire global citizens – from world leaders, to students in the classroom, to individuals, like me — to protect the Amazon.” She adds, “Tom was a giant in his field and his impact lives on in so many ways. We will join hands to help carry Tom’s torch of compassion and optimism forward as we work together to help save the Amazon rainforest.”


As part of the event, attendees are invited to join one of three virtual breakout rooms covering the following topics: Establishing criteria for responsible gold sourcing, how to become an impactful activist, and art & awareness.

Room 1: Industry Working Session
What is “Cleaner Gold” and who decides? This discussion will focus on gathering diverse perspectives in order to work toward a shared understanding of what “Cleaner Gold” means. Participants will lean on existing frameworks for evaluating gold sources and sourcing methods and identify who else needs to be part of this conversation. The outcome will be the beginning of a shared definition and an invitation to add to a matrix of cleaner gold suppliers. Moderated by Christina Miller and Cecilia Echeverri. and Christina Miller.

Room 2: Art & Awareness Working Session
Making sense of the world around us can be challenging, but artists do this everyday, producing interpretations that benefit society as a whole. With inspiration by artists Maisie McNeice and Iván Sikic, this session is aimed toward artists looking to deepen their creative activism, and will end with a discussion of how artists can work together as a community to create positive change. Moderated by Corinne Weber and Jessie Nagel.

Room 3: Advocacy & Policy Working Session
Achieving change means turning abstract ideas into concrete actions. In this working session, moderated by Charlie Espinosa and Andrea Hill, attendees will discuss ways to conduct effective advocacy and influence policy. Attendees are invited to bring experience and ideas, which will lay the roadmap for future advocacy projects by the CGN community.

The Cleaner Gold Network Summits are 90 minutes long, happen via Zoom, take place 3-4 times per year, and aim to build an informed and diverse collaborative group of individuals and organizations committed to taking action to protect the Amazon.

Amazon Aid Foundation educates and activates global citizens to protect the Amazon through art, science, multimedia and film. Its vision is to preserve the Amazon rainforest for the health of the planet and for future generations to enjoy. Find out more at https://amazonaid.org/

The Cleaner Gold Network is an alliance of consumers, scientists, artists, educators, indigenous communities, NGOs, and companies from the gold sector, engaging in a multi-initiative approach to raise awareness and promote solutions for illicit and unregulated gold mining in the Amazon. Find out more at https://amazonaid.org/cleaner-gold-network/