Amazon Aid’s initiatives are based on the principles of human rights, science, transparency, support for democratic participation, and respect for the sovereign rights of Amazon region countries over territories and natural resources, including the sustainable use and development of those resources, as recognized by international law.

We advocate for:

The safe removal of miners who are mining gold illegally on indigenous territories and protected areas.
Regulation and good governance of the ASGM sector.
Development of mercury-free and responsibly sourced gold from the ground to consumer.

Help transform the industry and protect the Amazon Rainforest. Here’s how:

River of Gold

Watch River of Gold

A clandestine journey into Peru’s Amazon rainforest to uncover the savage unraveling of pristine jungle by illicit small scale gold mining.


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Indigenous Rights

Support Indigenous Rights

Support the safe removal of gold miners from indigeous territories and protected areas in collaboration with ISA, our partner in Brazil.

Learn Where Your Gold Comes From

Read About Gold Mining In The Amazon

AAF presents the first in a two-part series of studies on the impacts of gold mining. Part One broadens the scope of River of Gold and illustrates the magnitude of the problem created by illicit and unregulated gold mining in eight very different Amazonian countries.

Gold Network

Engage with the Cleaner Gold Network

Looking for a way to be active? The Cleaner Gold Network is a working group for everyone with skills, knowledge, and desire to contribute to multi-sector solutions that ultimately protect the Amazon. The Network meets quarterly.

Be A Better Consumer

Consumers have immense power to encourage industry change through education and by supporting jewelers who are producing with responsibly sourced products. We can also think and act more broadly about what it means to be a better consumer.

AAF Website

Be An Innovator

Participate in ConservationXLabs Artisanal Mining Challenge to innovate and provide better lives for 100 million people that rely on income from artisanal and small-scale mining.

AAF Website

Bring Environmental Learning In the Classroom

Amazon Aid Foundation’s resources include a suite of common-core standards River of Gold curriculum for grades k-12 that are available for free in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Artists for the Amazon

Become An Artist For The Amazon

Amazon Aid’s Artists for the Amazon is a goodwill partnership between artists and the organization to help raise awareness about the Amazon Rainforest through all forms of media and art.


Protect the Amazon and help save our planet.