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Mercury Poisoning

Mercury Poisoning Photo by Tómas Munita Mercury and Why It’s Dangerous Mercury is a naturally occurring element found in air, water, and soil. The only metal that remains liquid at room temperature, mercury is difficult to contain and, once released, can travel long...
Gold Mining and Mercury Pollution

Gold Mining and Mercury Pollution

This article from Mongabay.com provides an excellent overview of the growing problem of mercury released by informal gold mining. Read the full article for an in-depth description of its use and effects around the world and particularly in the Madre de Dios region of...

U.N. Passes Mercury Agreement

Last Thursday, the United Nations launched a groundbreaking treaty—the Minamata Convention—designed to limit mercury pollution internationally.  The treaty was signed by delegates of 140 nations after four years of negotiations, and will regulate the use of mercury in...