Why I Support Acre Care

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Hi, my name is Samantha Linden, and I’m a senior at Northwood School in the town of Minong, in Northwest Wisconsin. At my high school we are required to complete a “Senior Exit” project that impacts our community, the county, or the world. It was my original intention to put up a wind turbine at my school, to help reduce our carbon footprint. When that project was vetoed, I contacted loggers in my community to see if I could partner with them to replant some of the trees they cut down. Without their interest in the subject, that project fell through, as well. Thirdly, I looked online for corporations that plant trees in deforested areas around the world, to reforest after loggers move out of a region. It was at this time that I found out about the Amazon Aid Foundation’s Acre Care Campaign. I knew immediately that instead of rebuilding after the devastating act of deforestation, I wanted to prevent it from occurring.


Working with a well renowned local bakery, I raised money through selling pies for my own campaign. I created an educational pamphlet telling people about helping to end deforestation through smart consumerism and buying products that positively impact the Amazon Rainforest, and ignoring products that harm it. Then, I ordered reusable grocery bags to go with each pie order, to reduce the amount of paper products and plastic bags we as Americans use every day.

On my own, I sold almost a hundred pies and made almost $800. Some of the money had to go to pay for the pamphlets and the bags, but in the end, I donated $500 for my Acre Care campaign.


After my project was over and I was asked why I chose to help protect the Amazon Rainforest. I didn’t really have a good answer. Sure, I could’ve told them about how I couldn’t get my first choice or my second choice off the ground, but I didn’t decide to do this project because I couldn’t do others. I chose it because there is a part of me that just knew that I had to do it. Protecting all of the rainforest seems impossible, but it needs to be done and what I’ve learned about the environment and the ecosystems of the rainforest have shown me that it is indispensable to the world. I will continue to work towards the survival of the Amazon Rainforest through donations and awareness because I feel that the more people that come to appreciate this animated land, the more action will be taken to preserve it. It’s just a matter of getting the ball rolling! Together, we can inform others about how important the Rainforest is and persuade them to then take action of their own. Eventually, we can change the way the Amazon is seen and protect it from further destruction. That was my goal at the beginning of the school year, and I feel that, even though it was small, I made progress towards that target.

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