Miles Silman

Dr. Silman is a Professor of Biology. His work centers on understanding biodiversity distribution and the response of forests ecosystems to past and future climate and land use changes.

His current projects also address Andean and Amazonian carbon cycles and biodiversity controls for use in innovative, private- and public-sector, ecosystem services projects that change land use by generating revenue for conservation and creating economic and social value for local participants.

He has 20 years of experience in the Andes and Amazon and is coordinator and founding member of the Andes Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Group. Silman has authored 56 papers and received 16 grants totaling $2.2M.

Dr Miles Silman’s association with the Amazon Aid Foundation runs deep. Miles has been a constant supporter since its inception and has assisted the organization with his expertise and knowledge of the Amazon. Mile’s was a primary consultant for the documentary Amazon Gold and was critical for helping promote and create our Acre Care donation platform.

Miles is an Associate Professor of Biology and Director of the Center for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability at Wake Forest University. “My primary interests are community composition and dynamics of Andean and Amazonian tree communities in both space and time. The lab’s current research focuses on combining modern- and paleo-ecology to understand tree distributions and plant-climate relationships in the Andes and Amazon. The work is focused on the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes and the adjacent Amazonian plain, with a particular emphasis in distributions along environmental gradients, be they in space or time, and includes both empirical work and modeling.”