Christine B. Schreck

Christine B. Schreck has spent her life applying her diverse interests to affect positive change in her community.  A California native who has lived in Charlottesville, Virginia for ten years, she is an active member in several local and national charitable organizations. Since 1983, she has been a board member of the Abelard Foundation in San Francisco and New York, which focuses on small grassroots funding of social issues in the US. In 1988, she helped establish the San Francisco office of the Pacific Outward Bound School, overseeing fundraising and educational outreach. She has also volunteered for several AIDS fundraisers in San Francisco. In Charlottesville, she created and installed an Academic Support Program at St Anne’s Belfield School. She is interested in supporting organizations related to the environment, health and education. Christine received her BA from the University of California in at Berkeley in 1981 and worked in architecture for several years. She also studied Art and Architecture at Schiller College in Strasbourg, France. She has competed in national horse shows and earned several titles. Today she is the proud parent of a 21-year old son and 17-year old daughter, both Division 1 athletes, and a devoted supporter of their teams and events.