Blanca Botero

Blanca is an artist who strives to cultivate an understanding of relationships between humans and the natural world through works that sparks discussion. Her focus is on the patterns of human settlement, and the human appropriation and exploitation of natural resources. Blanca‘s artwork, including drawings, photography, and installation and expresses a personal, poetic and critical point of view inspired by her previous experience as a corporate and financial attorney.

Blanca holds a Law degree from Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá and a Masters degree in Law (LL.M) from the University of Virginia. Blanca has worked as an independent consultant to the World Bank, has been an advisor to the Desk of the Superintendencia Financiera of Colombia, and was also a member of the technical team that negotiated the Financial Chapter of the USA-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. She is married to Marc Eichmann, Darden ‘99, has 2 children and lives in Bogota, Colombia.