Rain Rain, Don’t Go Away!

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Have you noticed a lot of rain this May? While it might not always be the best for outside play, it is still a really good thing! Rain plays a vital role in the ecosystem. From plants to people, rain is something for which we should give thanks! Help kids understand the importance of rain and its role in the ecosystem today!
Learn more about rain today!
  1. Just like people, plants need water to survive
  2. Rain can provide electricity through hydro power!
  3. Forests that experience a lot of rain are called rain forests
  4. A rainforest gets at least 75 inches of rain a year!
  5. Rain is needed for crops and foliage to flourish and nourish our bodies.
  6. Rain is an important part of the water cycle, here is how it works
    • The heat from the sun absorbs water from the earth. Heat turns water from liquid to gas, this process is called evaporation. When water evaporates it creates clouds in the sky.
    • When the clouds cool down, the water vapor does too, and the water vapor turns to liquid again, known as condensation.
    • When the liquid in the clouds gets too heavy, it falls from the clouds back to the ground, known as precipitation. Sometimes it falls as rain, snow, or hail depending on the temperature.
    • Oceans and lakes collect the precipitation that falls, and the cycle repeats!
We need rain because it provides all living things with the gift of water!
Why do plants need water?
  • Water carries nutrients throughout plants. 
  • Some plants can be made up to 95% water!
Why do people need rain?
  • Humans are made of about 60% water
  • Water keeps humans joints lubricated, helps regulate body temperature, helps remove toxins from the body, and protects our brains and other tissues!
Why does the Earth need water?
  • All living things need water in order to survive!
  • The earth is 90% water
  • 70% of the world's water is needed to produce food


Help kids understand how rain works by engaging with this rain-day craft!
  • Mason Jar/ Glass
  • Water
  • Shaving Cream
  • Food Coloring



1. Set Up

Fill a glass halfway with water. Be sure to have shaving cream and food coloring handy!

2. Make a cloud

Spray the shaving cream on top of the water. Point out how the shaving cream acts as a cloud and explain that the water cycle!

3. Color

Slowly drop the food coloring on top of the shaving cream. Watch as it moves through the shaving cream cloud and into the water. The food coloring demonstrates precipitation as raindrops fall from the sky.

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