The significance of the Amazon is bigger than any one person can explain or demonstrate. That is where the Artists for the Amazon play a vital role in conveying not only what an artist sees, but the interpretation of what is happening as well. This growing group of creative minds raise awareness about the beauty and destruction of the Amazon and bring it to the world through art, music, and entertainment.

Raechel Running

RAEchel’s first memories were looking at pictures in the book Family of Man and the Vietnam War on a black … Read More

Ron Haviv

Award-winning photojournalist Ron Haviv has produced images of conflict and other humanitarian crises that have made headlines from around the world.

Torben Nissen

Torben Ulrik Nissen documents global humanitarian and ecological issues through his rich and expressive photography.

Jane Kim

Jane Kim is an artist, science illustrator and the founder of INK-DWELL (, a studio that uses art to catalyze love, awareness and protection of the natural world.

Hervé Cohen

Hervé Cohen is an award-winning French American documentary filmmaker and cinematographer and shot the Amazon Gold documentary.

Danilo Perez

One thing that caught my attention deeply was the idea of how reforestation worked as an improvisation. You plant something … Read More

Sofija Knezevic

   “Our life is where we can breathe. We create through breathing. We love because we breathe. We are often … Read More

Chuck Leavell

Chuck Leavell is an American musician, who was a member of the Allman Brothers Band during the height of their … Read More

Leo Genovese

Born and raised in Venado Tuerto, Argentina, in 1979, Genovese discovered music through a variety of sources. At home, his … Read More

Reba Peck

Reba Peck graduated in 1977 with a fine arts degree from the University of North Alabama, where she met Nick Nichols, … Read More

Wade Davis

An ethnographer, writer, photographer, and filmmaker, Davis holds degrees in anthropology and biology and received his Ph.D. in ethnobotany, all … Read More

Herbie Hancock

One needs to step into the deep jungles of the planet and listen to the overwhelming symphonic song to understand … Read More

Donovan Webster

Donovan Webster is a journalist and correspondent who has reported for some of the most prominent news sources in the … Read More

Dean Dass

Wherever I travel – and paint – I think about our relationship within Nature. We live in a clearing in … Read More

Angélique Kidjo

The Amazon is considered the most critical land ecosystem on the planet.  The amassing of trees in the Amazon is … Read More

Leni Stern

I remember when I was 7 years old, there was a huge tree in the forests near the farm where … Read More

Hara Woltz

The Amazon territory is home of the largest rainforests on earth, a tremendous diversity of species, and hundreds of indigenous … Read More

Jon Golden

Jon Golden has been working as a professional photographer for 25 years. His assignments have taken him to over 40 … Read More

Sam Abell

Sam Abell learned photography from his father at their home in Sylvania, Ohio, where he was born on February 19th, … Read More

Shea Rose

Since graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2011, emerging artist Shea Rose has been celebrated for her contributions to … Read More

Vusi Mahlasela

Vusi Mahlasela is simply known as ‘The Voice’ in his home country, South Africa, celebrated for his distinct, powerful voice … Read More

Adrian Tejedor

Adrian Tejedor is a Cuban biologist and artist living and working in Peru at two crossroads: science/art and the Andes/Amazon … Read More

Esperanza Spalding

If “esperanza” is the Spanish word for hope, then bassist, vocalist and composer Esperanza Spalding could not have been given … Read More

Wayne Shorter

The legendary jazz saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter made his triumphant return to Blue Note Records after 43 years with … Read More

Kathryn George

I consider the Amazon the lungs of the earth. I was fortunate enough to visit Yausuni National Park in 2014 … Read More

Nick Nichols

Michael “Nick” Nichols, a native of Alabama, is an award-winning photographer whose work has taken him to the most remote … Read More

Julia Loman

“Sustained, intense seeing of the world does matter. It always matters.” -Terry Evans, photographer   My footsteps beat along the … Read More

Edna Iturralde

“We believe that the Amazon Rain Forest belongs to us for ever and ever… and one day. That day is … Read More

Morgan Whitney

I remember flying over the Amazon on our way into Puerto Maldonado. It was a reminder of how a physical perspective … Read More

Rochi León

Our Amazon lives at constant risk. The intrusion of man and the abuse of its wealth threaten its ecosystem and … Read More