Danilo Perez

One thing that caught my attention deeply was the idea of how reforestation worked as an improvisation. You plant something … Read More

Luis E. Fernandez

Luis E. Fernandez is a research ecologist at the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology, and is the director of the … Read More

Tom Lovejoy

Thomas E. Lovejoy is a Senior Fellow at the United Nations Foundation and Professor of Environmental Science and Policy at George … Read More

Miles Silman

Dr. Silman is a Professor of Biology. His work centers on understanding biodiversity distribution and the response of forests ecosystems … Read More

Justin Fishkin

Justin Fishkin marries a lifelong dedication to sustainability and making a difference in the world with a background in finance … Read More

Enrique Ortiz

Enrique Ortiz was born and raised in Lima. He is trained as a tropical ecologist (San Marcos University, Lima, Princeton … Read More

Bill Stetson

Bill Stetson, Director of External Affairs at the Environmental Film Festival, is a film producer, as well as an environmental … Read More

Wade Davis

An ethnographer, writer, photographer, and filmmaker, Davis holds degrees in anthropology and biology and received his Ph.D. in ethnobotany, all … Read More

Adrian Forsyth

Adrian Forsyth is the President and co-founder of Amazon Conservation Association, has a Harvard PhD in tropical ecology and 30 … Read More

Patricia Zarate

Born and Raised in Chile, Patricia Zarate came to the US at age 20. Patricia holds a Bachelors Degree in … Read More

Greg Asner

Greg Asner, a scientist with the Carnegie Institute’s Department of Global Ecology since 2001, is a pioneer of new methods for … Read More

Fred Cannon

As Senior Vice President, Government Relations, at BMI, Fred Cannon is responsible for coordinating and overseeing BMI’s legislative efforts in conjunction with all … Read More

Michelle Klosterman

Dr. Michelle L. Klosterman is the Director of Academic Development and Assessment in the Provost Office of Global Affairs and … Read More

Fiorella Herrera Salas

Fiorella “Fiochi” Herrera Salas is from Lima, Peru, She is currently a 2nd year student at Universidad Científica Del Sur … Read More